UPVAY : The next level Prop Firm


Phase 1 is the first part of the evaluation process. Your goal is to reach a specific profit target on financial markets while following our rules on the DEMO account (no risk of loss).

Once you finish all the trading tasks successfully and show your skills, you'll get your phase 2 account within 24 hours. This will allow you to continue your journey towards getting funding.


Phase 2 is the validation stage where you get to demonstrate your skills once again on the DEMO account. Your objective is to reach a profit goal while abiding by the rules. The purpose of Verification phase is to prove that you are capable of delivering consistent performance and adhering to risk management.

After successfully accomplishing all the trading tasks and showcasing your abilities, your results will be verified, and you will progress towards becoming a Funded UPVAY trader.


Congratulations! You have successfully passed the evaluation process! Now you have the opportunity to become a part of our Proprietary Trading Firm.

To continue with us, it's important that you maintain a professional approach to managing risks and consistently perform well on our live account with REAL money. In return, you get 80% of the profit with nearly instant payouts!